Friday, March 21, 2008


It's 5AM and i sneak out of bed. I know my wife does not approve of what I am about to do, but I do it anyway. She would rather I roll over, get another 2 hours of sleep and start my day at a civilized time. But, I am unable to help myself. It is my newfound addiction and I am hooked. I walk down the hallway into the next room. I turn on the light.I sit down in the chair and then start doing what I have been thinking about most of the night. I begin to write.

It is as though a part of my brain has awakened after being dormant my entire life. One day I was minding my own business, going about my day as I always have, when suddenly I realized I heard the whisper. It was like in A Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner was told to build it and they will come. Sit down at the typewriter and it will flow out. How could this be?

We often hear of how little of our brain we actually use. If we could tap into those segments that are not performing then the possibilities would be endless. For me, I feel like the possibilities are just beginning. With each day, I see a new story unfolding in my head. With each event that occurs, I now look at it a little differently, like it is an opportunity for me to begin a conversation, with myself of course, about its meaning and import. I find myself watching my environment with a slightly keener and more critical eye. If it can give me pause to think, then it can serve as fodder for my next essay.

It is a fun and exciting experience for me. . Finding a new best friend at the computer is, for me, a wonderful gift. Life does settle into routines. What we did yesterday, we do today and tomorrow. Certainly there are variations. But when something comes up and surprises you, and does so in a positive way, then it can really start your juices flowing.

I find myself often addressing political issues of the moment. I shake my head and wonder who it is that is expressing an interest in these events. I have spent my life studiously avoiding an involvement in, or a commitment to, anything remotely political. I say this not with pride, but merely as an immutable fact of my existence up to now. Yet my new friend has removed the lock that was preventing me from expanding my horizons. I now hear myself talking to other people about issues in which I previously demonstrated no concern. I wonder what I might have had to say about matters in the past if I had been awakened earlier.

So, I devote the first part of almost every day in exploration. I begin the adventure with the first word on the screen and I go where the words take me. I am certain that the journey will be exciting and will lead me to a place of interest . I don't know where my new friend may take me tomorrow , but I hope he has a special treat for me. I understand that I am giving up some sleep while I undertake this daily trek. Yet I am sure the trade off is worth it. Someday, maybe my wife will get up at 5AM when I awaken and ask where I am going. When I tell her I am going down the hall to take a little trip, if she asks to come along, I will eagerly invite her to join me.. That would be the best gift of all.

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