Saturday, March 22, 2008


Where did we go wrong? Every day destruction and murder are prevalent around the globe. People in all parts of the world are decimated, desecrated, destroyed,repressed, suppressed, depressed, left out, left behind, dominated, subjugated, sublimated, rejected, neglected, abused, confused and refused the basic qualities of life that each and every one of us wants and deserves. How are so many of us so morally bankrupt?

We want too much. We care too little. We criticize. We judge . We expect. We confront. We chastise. We accuse. We berate. We hate. We conquer and control. We dictate and demand. We take away and give nothing in return. We are the masters of your destiny. How can we act like this towards our fellow man? We are so much more than this. We are so much better than this. Is this the way it is supposed to be? Is this the way it has to be?

We feel we have the answers. We believe we know the truth. We are convinced we can impose our will on others and not have to reflect upon our actions. We are right. We are might. We are. You are not. Is this anyway to help improve our collective being?

With each revelation of trouble in yet another area, with each day we hear of the endless atrocities of man upon man, with each day that the body counts add up and the misery and suffering continues, we must ask ourselves what ends we are seeking. Can the only way to reach our ends be to disregard the means? We are being led to the end , and the bottom of our being , and for that there is a collective shame.

Where is our vision? Where is our perspective? Why can we not see beyond the world of our desires? Why don't we ever put ourselves in their shoes, see everything looking up instead of looking down? Who put us in charge and told us that we were the chosen ones? When is it our time to understand and to listen instead of to direct and dissect? How much longer do we, as a collective, let this go on?

So, as another day overtakes the night, we awaken to find the world has not improved. We are where we were yesterday, only one day further into the abyss. Someday we will open our eyes and see, far in the distance, a glimmer of light. It is the best part of each us , waiting to be discovered. If for just one moment, we can decide collectively to bring this part of us forward, to put away, for just an instance, all that darkness that overwhelms us, then the worst in us may start to fade, and we can stop and see a vision of a world , our world, in peace. I wait impatiently for that day.

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