Thursday, March 6, 2008


The phrases are like an assault on the brain: weapons of mass destruction, reign of terror, safe for democracy . The rhetoric goes on and on in a never ending drum beat in our heads. By now , it feels as if there is a new slogan every month.

Like David Copperfield, the genius of this government has been in perfecting the art of misdirection. While our country has now fallen to the brink of recession, while the efforts of this government to exact meaningful social reforms has been sorely lacking, while our attempts to move forward with effective measures to combat global warming appear to be moving slower than the glaciers are disappearing, when it seems like almost every child has been left behind, we are placed in a situation where we continue relentlessly to proceed with the war in Iraq. This has cost us thousands of lives, trillions of dollars and countless opportunities to focus our gaze on what is in front of our eyes. The Democrats speak of the government having made a crucial error in judgment by taking its eye off the country where the stronghold of the terrorist regime exists. I agree in concept, but disagree with where we should have been looking. Our mistake was in not forcing the government to give up its illusions, to stop its war of terror on its own citizens, and to be compelled to spend its time and energy by directing its attention internally, as it should have all along.

Instead, we find ourselves in a world in which our country is perceived in a lesser and lesser light as the months and years of the war drag on. We have seemingly created an entire generation of US haters throughout the middle East. We have watched as the world grows around us, while we appear to shrink both in stature and economic viability. Through it all, we continue to place our loved ones in harms way. We continue to allow our children to come home broken, battered and beaten. Others don't come home at all.

What is the end game that has prompted us to take this course? What greater good have we accomplished? Why do we continue to march on relentlessly and ignore the consequences at home and abroad of our folly? Why can't we see that the person pulling the strings behind the curtain has made a monumental error in judgment? Why must there be talk of continuing to foster this policy for 100 years if necessary?

We, as a society, act and react to catch phrases. The government has maintained its ability to pursue its middle East obsession based on its genius in producing catch phrases of fear. We need protection. While there is no 'axis of evil', there is a terrorist around the corner, waiting for the right moment to pounce.

There must be a way of strengthening our country , of making our lives better, without sacrificing our loved ones on a daily basis. In a conflict without end or purpose, let the catch phrases stop, let the misdirection end, and let the work of making our country great again commence.

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