Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Two of Us

Dialogue. Discourse. Discussion. Interaction. Give and take. Yin and Yang. Pitcher and catcher. This is not supposed to be Penn and Teller.

Unfortunately and unquestionably, I am writing to you, in part, to stroke my ego. There can be no doubt that I am hoping to elicit tributes. A hidden talent, a burgeoning star, a part of you that lay dormant but is now in full bloom. I will accept any and all of these comments with much thanks and great glee. But, that is not really the purpose of this exercise. It is not really what this is intended to accomplish. What I hope these pieces bring forth are thoughts, good and bad , about the content of what is being said. To get you thinking, and reacting, to be part of an interactive experience, that is where this should be taking all of us.

So far, I would say it has been an abysmal failure. Apart from my lovely daughter, who is taking it upon herself to read and respond, the silence has been overwhelming. There have been a few e-mails of one or two sentences, giving cryptic praise and not much else. While all donations to my sense of value as a writer are gratefully accepted, tell me what it is that you think about the pieces you read. More importantly, tell everyone else who might find themselves drawn to these essays. Not everyone is going to agree with my beliefs. It is a given that I do not have the copyright on what the world is, or should be like. My opinions are my opinions, and nothing else. I am naive and unschooled in almost every topic I have discussed. The political essays are full of sound and fury, but I need to learn if they signify anything to all of you.

The personal recollections are the experiences we all have shared in one form or another. I have heard from my one avid fan ( it is good to have groupies) who has been particularly affected by one of the pieces, recalling a similar moment in his life. It is those feelings that I would ask that you put forth on the page. Don't be afraid to write . I am not, for better or for worse. If we can all join in this exercise together, it can become a collective activity. You can wake up in the morning, and become a writer. You can help make this something more than my rants and raves. This can become a living, breathing ,growing being. You can make this come alive.

If this doesn't happen, so be it. Everyone is busy, has their own agenda, and may have neither the time or energy to get involved in my fantasy. I may have unreasonable expectations. I may bring forth nothing from my ramblings. You may not get to this until late at night, or maybe this is sensory overload. Much is happening in everyone's day. What is critical to my life is not in yours. But , if you are at all drawn to what I say, and what I am trying to accomplish, stop reading this and start writing. Your comments, in the area provided for below, are worth more than gold to me. That is actually a hyperbole, and if you would rather just give me gold, screw the comments.

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