Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lie Detector Tests

For all the bad that TV brings, possibly the worst is the show where you have to confess to the most horrible truths about yourself iin order to win the ultimate prize. To be the best, you have to bare your soul to the audience, consequences be damned. I have just thought how this horrendous , abusive concept can be turned into something good. Let's have the candidates running for President strapped to the machines and answer the tough questions.

We won't need any debates. We won't need 2 years, or 2 millenium, to try to figure out what each person is really saying, or what their position really is on the critical issues of the moment. There will be no parsing of words, or careful reflection. Tell the truth or you are gone.

I guarantee you that there will be the largest worldwide audience ever to watch a show. We will all be glued to our seats. When the first question comes out, it should be an easy one, like " do you love your mother". Let the candidates get comfortable, have some false moment of security, before the games really begin. As the topics became tougher, the ratings numbers will surely go through the roof. Everyone will be waiting to see which of the questions a candidate refuses to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate him or her, or at least cast them in a lesser light with their own party.

Wouldn't it be great if we only needed one night to decide who we really supported for President? It would be so refreshing to know that Truth or Consequences really did have some meaning.. At the end of the evening, we should all just cast our votes, like the nation does each week when watching American Idol. We would all have one hour to call in to 1-800 elect a President. When the votes are calculated, the winner would be sworn in and become the President of the United States. Along with this, he or she would win an all paid 4 year stay at the big building on Pennsylvania Avenue. The losers would be thanked for their efforts, left to deal with their lies, and shuttled off stage. If they are unlucky, their answers could lead them to places unknown, never to be heard from again. Now that would be the ultimate game show.

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