Monday, April 14, 2008

Mix and Match Update

In a highly anticipated and much discussed contest, John McEnroe and Brett Kaplan squared off yesterday in a battle of legends. Kaplan admitted to nerves affecting his early performance, as he was broken in his first service game. After McEnroe held serve, the combatants traded victories in what was becoming a very evenly played match. Kaplan spoke of his belief that he was McEnroe's equal from the baseline throughout the set, but that he had trouble dealing with the lefthander's big kick on his second serve.

McEnroe eventually was able to prevail 6 games to 2. When a second set was discussed, McEnroe talked of his back tightening up. While we cannot be certain of the accuracy of this assessment, our conjecture matters not. After McEnroe's voicing of physical concerns, the players shook hands, and walked off the court. The question hangs in the air as to whether Kaplan's performance in the first set had buoyed his confidence to the point where he could take the better of the former number 1 player in the world.

We will probably never get the opportunity for a demonstrative answer. While the public (me) is clamoring for a rematch, there is evidently no talk of a regular Saturday game.


Morts said...

How cool to play McEnroe. It must have been a trill and a treat for Brett. However, McEnroe should have picked on someone closer to his age like you Robert.


Robert said...

Do I see a McEnroe -Lippman match in the future?