Wednesday, May 21, 2008

she did it her way

And now the end is near, and I am sure that she is hurtin
So close, so close she was, to the nomination flirtin
But now Barack's the choice, of this one thing I'm certain
And soon the show will close, the final curtain

The statements that she made, they oft created ire
Like the time she said she drew the Bosnian fire
But on the campaign trail, she never seemed to tire
And all along the way she tried climbing higher

At times, the rhetoric, it sure seemed to get rough
Sometimes the pundits said she was way, way too gruff
But while the path was hard and often seemed too much
There is no question, no, she always stood tough

Mistakes, she made a few, of this just ask Marc Penn
She didn't get black votes and too few of the young men
The caucuses ignored, she just seemed to forget them
But she, she persevered, through all the mayhem

She knows that she would be an inspirational President
She knows in 1600 she would be a perfect resident
But she must let it go and try to be less discontent
For no, she will not go, the hourglass all spent

So now the time has come, she's in her final days
There are no options left, there are no more cards to play
And though she came up short, of this one thing we all say
Hillary , oh yes, oh yes, she did it her way

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Anonymous said...

One of your BEST !!!!

David B