Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hello McCain, I'm Obama

Hello McCain, I'm Obama
And we all know, I'm a charma
Hope the campaign's entertaining
With Hillary my foe, I had good training

My close counsel speak of waiting
It is so hard, anticipating
Dearest Johnny, let's get rolling
My debating is much better than my bowling

I'll be home in 1600
I'll be home forget your pundits
I will see we all breathe cleaner air
We all want universal health care

Dearest Johnny, your stance on war's bad
And on immigration, real sad
Ignore enemies they won't go away
So let's talk and try to find us all a better way

I am young but you are real old
I have vision you have some mold
I see things just as they should be
You have trouble cause you really can't see

Protect the wealthy, cut their taxes
In the forest, cut with axes
We the people's not your strong suit
For the poorest ones of all you merely stand mute

Dearest Johnny forget the oil
We don't belong on foreign soil
Staying 100 would be a real sin
Getting loved ones home would be the real win

So dear Johnny, I'm not fodder
I am not like 'camp' Granada
Let's get started, have a real fight
And I know that in the end I will be upright