Friday, September 19, 2008

Brother can you spare a dime?

When did I agree to bail out every institution that got caught in this financial crisis? The latest figures mean that each person in this country has now contributed about $3600 (a family of 4 has now 'invested' over $14,000) in trying to stem the tide of the ongoing disaster. Am I to expect a thank you note from all those whom I have just saved from extinction? I don't remember anyone coming up to me with hat in hand, suggesting they had made a mistake or been duped. I don't even remember writing the check.

Am I done now? Can I go to sleep knowing that my Uncle Samuel has now fixed what is wrong with the economy? Can I rest assured that we have put our finger in the last hole in the dike?

Am I now supposed to start doing repair work on what must be several million homes in which I have invested? For a party that has always preached deregulation, and letting the markets correct themselves, can I expect the Republicans to be standing on the roofs,fixing all the holes? Are they going to patch up the damage, or can I expect a complete renovation? Are we all going to get rich in the future on these investments? Have we bought ourselves security, or only put a bandaid on the biggest wound of all time?

Only time will tell.

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