Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Everything Palin

In what is arguably one of the strangest circumstances in Bizzaro world, otherwise known as the run for the Presidency of the United States, it appears that one of the Vice Presidential candidates has gone missing. Despite a massive search and rescue mission (now more of a search and recovery mission) there is still no sign of one Joseph Biden. Like mythical tales of old, it appears that this venerable democrat has been swallowed whole in the belly of the beast commonly known as Sarah Palin. He has become an irrelevant part of the discussion.

The legend of Palin (never to be confused with the actual events of her life) has now out-Baracked Barack. In the past we have been subjected to endless whining from the Republican horde about the celebrity status of the Democratic nominee, and the fact that behind the fa├žade was a lot of nothing. You can bet your last dollar (and if the Republicans remain in office, it may well be your last dollar) that there is nothing but glee in the Republican backrooms as the tables have now turned. Everywhere one looks, there is another image of the gun toting, oil drilling, mother loving (I mean loving mother), young and sexy vice Presidential candidate. Step aside, Obama, there is a new kid in town.

The question is whether she is a one hit, one week wonder, or a two month juggernaut. If the latter is true, all us Democrats might as well be packing our bags right now and start looking for other places that will embrace our philosophies. If Palinmania prevails we will all be made as irrelevant as Joe Biden.

This has now clearly turned into a battle of the 40 somethings. It is incomprehensible that McCain is riding the coattails of this out of left field vice presidential candidate. The reality for today is that McCain could easily disappear to the same place where Joe Biden is currently residing and we might not even miss him. How sad and strange to find that after the exhilarating battle between Obama and Clinton, that energized the Democratic base predicated on the substance of the ideas and the intellectual force of their candidates, we are left with this.

If the Republicans have their way, Joe Biden will next be seen on some infomercial for hair transplants sometime in the middle of the next Republican administration. Remember me, Biden will say, I was the Democratic vice Presidential candidate in the beginning of the era of Palin-tology.

When Obama distanced himself from Hillary Clinton as his VP choice, and all the baggage that this would bring, could he ever have envisioned the consequences that such a decision wrought? There is not a word in the language that properly conveys the astonishment the Democrats have felt at one day mocking the choice of Palin as the idiocy of the desperate Republican Party in full view, to the next day watching the Palin phenomena emerge in its ever present, ever growing fully developed form.

It is as though Republicans were rope-a doping the Democrats into this position. Could Obama really be George Foreman, who exhausted himself by trading punches with Clinton, and now has nothing left? Can Palin really be the left-right (or right-right) combination that fells Obama and the Democratic Party?

I am internally apoplectic at the events swirling around. All touch with reality seems to have been abandoned. When white women move in enormous numbers to support Palin merely because she is a woman, irrespective of what may be her position on issues regarding women, I fear that all is lost. There is seemingly almost no point in parading the candidates before the public to ‘debate’ issues when the answers are irrelevant.

I can imagine a scenario where Palin lines up her husband (world champion snow dude), her son (in full uniform, on his way to do battle), her pregnant daughter (practicing her breathing for labor), her future son-in-law (deleting the cell phone numbers of all his other women friends), her ‘standard issue’ middle daughter, her youngest daughter (practicing her cowl-licking techniques on the baby), and her baby son (just being her baby son with attendant problems), has them all take a bow, and then one by one leave the stage, with the Governor the last to go, waving and smiling. It is like a scene from Sound of Music, where the Von Trapp family exits stage left.. When the stage is finally empty, we all know that this family is going off to fight the good fight for all of us.

In a world where fluff replaces substance and fiction replaces fact, Democratic nightmare becomes reality. If the Democrats can’t find a way to derail everything Palin, they will soon wake up to 4 more years of more of the same.

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