Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A game of chicken

Are we really supposed to believe that Nancy Pelosi's comments on the reasons behind this economic tsunami were the catalyst for the failed vote yesterday? We are all standing on the sidelines, watching the parties continue to try to flex their political muscle while the cost of inaction seems to increase exponentially by the hour. When is enough really enough?

There must be a resolution out there. I refuse to find it plausible that the continued destruction of the global economy is an acceptable option. When stock markets around the world plummet in a day in many multiples of the worst case cost of the bailout, then it is beyond time to stop the partisan rancor and find the answer.

Mr.Paulson on bended knee is a symbol. We are no longer strong, no longer immune from collapse. If resolution is not forthcoming in Congress immediately, the next picture will be of Mr. Paulson flat on his back, with the weight of the world holding him down. There is no more time for gamesmanship. There is only time for solutions.

Political survival cannot be the predicate for this vote. Let those worried about their personal futures be part of the answer. Don't vote against the plan,any plan, because you want to show your constituency some ill perceived notion about having the courage of your convictions. Guess what, you are showing everything but courage. Get down, get dirty and get it done.No more excuses, no more rationalizations. There will be very little America left to govern come November 5 if this downward spiral is not stopped now.

As we wait, stunned and dismayed, we look for real leadership. When that day comes, in the form of a bipartisan agreement, we can begin to have faith again in our system. Until then, we all feel you are playing a game of chicken with our futures. Stop the idiocy, once and for all, please stop the idiocy. We are all on bended knees. Help us up.

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