Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get out the vote

As I listen to the numbers on the road to 270, I am encouraged but wary. What evil trick are the Republicans holding in abeyance, waiting to spring on an unsuspecting country? As the red disappears and blue crops up in places that were seemingly Republican strongholds, I want the election to move forward now. Let's not wait for 4 more weeks. What if the economy begins to strengthen? Will all those that have jumped ship from the Republican sinking boat, be tempted to get back on? What if Obama really has fathered 2 black children (oh, I forgot, he does have 2 black children)? Then it struck me. Let's not wait. Let's get out the vote now.

31 states permit no excuse early voting . That means that even if you could make it to the polls on election day, you don't have to choose November 4 as the day when your decision is made. Certain other states permit you to be an 'in person' absentee", by which method you appear in person before the election date, apply for an absentee ballot, fill it out and submit it to the election official. Some states require a valid excuse to vote early, such as college attendance or sickness. But what all of these states have in common is a right for you to do something other than pull the lever on election day.

So, I want you first thing today to take the necessary steps to qualify to vote absentee. Then I want you to circulate this e-mail to everyone you know, and everyone you think you know, and urge them to take this bold step towards independence from the shackles of the voting system. By next week at this time, I want enough absentee ballots cast by those who count, to make the counting on November 4 irrelevant.

Let's make sure we don't have to listen to a month more of personal attacks and insinuations. We have heard all we need to hear . We know all we need to know. We have, as a collective, made up our mind.

For all those grandmothers and grandfathers in Florida who have now heard of McCain's threat to use Medicare reform as a basis for generating more money into the economy, don't wait to cast your vote. No more hanging chads. No more voter suppression. You know what you have to do. You are not waffling. You are ready to protect yourself. You are ready to vote. It is the ultimate early bird special.

For those of you who have recently joined the ranks of the Republican disenchanted, you will never again be made the fool by the Republican rhetoric. You don't have to stand for their efforts to Palinize you for the next 4 weeks. You know the mess that is America, and you know where the blame lies. Get your absentee ballot, cast your vote, and let McCain talk until he is BLUE in the face, knowing his words are falling on deaf ears.

Let's have the first absentee ballot election in US history Let the voting booths be silent on November 4. Let's end this now.


Anonymous said...

Great idea but a little impractical. You are starting to get a little radical in your old age!

This election seems like it's been going on for years already and there's something cathartic about pulling those levers (or pushing the buttons) in the voting booth on election day and being part of the process. Hopefully it will be a welcome outcome.

Robert said...

Impractical? Radical? Your baby brother?

if the process goes on any longer in the future, then when the vote is counted on November 4, at least one person will announce his or her intention to run in 2012, Something has to be done to change how we do business in so many areas .


Anonymous said...

Annie agrees with you Robert. She's already applied for her absentee ballot.

Robert said...

Go Annie. You are in the forefront of the real 'surge'.


Jared Alessandroni said...

It's all well and good if they count them. Also, http://www.thegreatschlep.com/ - for our Jewish grandparents.