Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jake Shimabukuro

His performance sets a standard that you couldn't fathom as a possibility. His vision as to what could be accomplished permits him to take us places we couldn't otherwise conceive. He has created the opportunity for us to listen and to dream.

For sure, these are lessons we have recently learned from Barack Obama. Last night, at the Blender Theatre in NYC I discovered the greatness of Jake Shimabukuro.

Greatness comes to a very select few. I have always been a sports junkie. I have been informed by experts that Michael Jordan was a transformative figure in basketball and that Lawrence Taylor changed definitions in football. Jake Shimabukuro plays the ukulele, yes the ukulele. However, what he brings to life through this instrument will forever alter your thought processes on the limits of what an instrument can do.

Forget Tiny Tim, remember Jimi Hendrix. This is not Don Ho, this is the Beatles. This is a musician on a journey to a new landscape.

I am not a musician, I am not 'into' anybody. Yet, I am now officially 'into' Jake Shimabukuro.

Run, don't walk, to purchase his CD. He opened his set last night with a rendition of the National Anthem. It was stunning. It took my breath away.

I can't delve into the specifics of what I heard. To do so would serve a grave injustice to the music. I will not attempt to analyze. I can only inform you that I was mesmerized.

I know there must be a legion of ukulele groupies out there. They must be very possessive of Jake Shimabukuro. Just be advised, there is now officially one more in your entourage.


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