Monday, November 10, 2008

The Meeting

These are probably questions that will not be uttered today when the President and President- elect sit down together:

Obama to Bush-

1. Can Dick Cheney sit in with us?
2. Wasn't the sight Tuesday night in the park in Chicago the most wonderful image you have ever seen?
3. Are you upset that Rahm Emanuel wasn't on your team?
4. Is that Shakespeare on your desk?
5. Do you think the Iraqis will let us stay longer if we ask nicely?
6. Could you pronounce nuclear for me just once more?
7. Was McCain right when he said the economy is fundamentally sound?
8. Will you stay on as an adviser to me on foreign affairs/ domestic affairs?
9. Can I name the new dog after you?
10. What do you think are the top 5 items that I should address in my first 100 days in office?

Bush to Obama-

1. Wasn't Sarah Palin just the most exciting breath of fresh air in years?
2. Do you think Joe Biden is fooling anyone with that hair transplant?
3. Should I start to write my memoirs now, and can you give me some pointers on book-writing?
4. I think I did a pretty good job, don't you?
5. Is Africa really a continent?
6. If there were no term limits, do you think I could have beaten you?
7. Dad and I want to have you over for a barbecue next week to discuss our views on the war, can you make it?
8. Does McCain really have all those houses and cars?
9. Will Joe the plumber be able to fix the leaky toilet in the master bedroom?
10. What do you think were the 5 worst moments of my Presidency?

The meeting at the White House should be brief. For, as we have all learned over the past 8 years, while all the lights have been on, there has been nobody home.

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