Friday, November 21, 2008

Rush Limbaugh, please don't change

I heard a very disturbing report from a friend of mine recently. I do not know whether it was true but it sent a shiver down my spine. I was told that Rush Limbaugh had grown weary of tilting against the Obama windmill and advised his listeners that it might be time to back off. All their dirty tricks, their lies and innuendos had failed to accomplish the goal of dislodging Obama's hold on the public. So, at least for the time being, inaction might be the only way to go.

I will be very unhappy if this is in fact the directive from the head of the right wing nut jobs.

Our universe is composed of certain absolutes. It is how we know how to function. There can be no good without bad. There has to be a Ying for there to be a Yang. Oscar is nothing but a slob without Felix.

I spent much of the last 6 months focusing on the idiocy coming on a daily basis from the doomed to be stupid crowd. I don't want them on my side because it is too entertaining disagreeing with them. Life would be so much less interesting with no dissension and disagreement. The evenings spent agreeing with all my liberal friends were nothing if not boring.

I want the litany of Limbaugh misstatements about Obama, like the following, to continue unabated:

1. July 12, 2005- calls him Obama Osama ( 7 times))
2. February 7, 2006- compares him to Donovan McNabb, ie does nothing and is a rising star because the media wants to prop up a black ( the initial reference to the media overrating McNabb and giving him a free pass had led to Limbaugh''s dismissal from ESPN in 2003)
3. February 14, 2007.- Obama should renounce his race and just become white
4. March 3,2008- he issues an apology for laughing at a caller's comments comparing Obama to Curious George, a monkey.
5. May 8, 2008- he urges the superdelegates to support Obama over Clinton as the weaker of the Democratic candidates.

Where would we be if bi-partisanship actually took hold and the lunatic fringe was left out in the cold? It is too frightening a concept to consider for more than a split second.

I don't like change. I insist on the givens being givens. I offer my assistance to Mr. Limbaugh in whatever capacity I can to make sure that he has the necessary ammunition to continue his campaign against Obama and everything Democratic ad infinitum. I need Limbaugh. Please don't let me down. You are my anti-hero.


Anonymous said...

Rush is a lunatic and if he ever tries to act bi-partisan it won’t be for long. He gets paid millions to do a show that bashes the Dems “(or liberal elite” as he likes to call them), and I am sure he will soon enough get back to his bread and butter. That being said, if Rush can really be bi-partisan even for a day, and convince some of the millions of his audience to be open minded, it would be a great thing for this country. I am far from being genius, but I do know that a great deal of Rush’s listeners are not smartest of people out there. They are likely to agree with the majority of his statements and arguments no matter how stupid and far fetched they are.

During the Bush years, I have never seen the nation so divided in my lifetime. If some of Rush’s audience listen to Obama with an open mind it would be a great thing.

Robert said...

I think the likelihood of the 'free pass' to Obama lasting for any appreciable time is virtually none. You can be sure that in the coming months there will be more outrageous comments coming from the Limbaughs of this world as they struggle to deal with the ongoing economic turmoil. Obama will be a principal target of their rants.

If only pigs could fly, we might someday have true bi-partisanship.