Saturday, November 1, 2008

say it ain't so Joe

Charles M Blow's "October Demise" speaks of the Presidential race being over. Barack Obama's coronation is but a matter of days away. Mr. Blow says the fat lady has sung. So why am I not sharing in his feelings? I have 3 words for Mr. Blow, Joe the Plumber.

Say it ain't so, Joe. Say that the Joe the Plumber who benefits from a Republican Presidency is a fiction. The truth will set you free. The lie may shackle all of us to a continuation of the nightmare.

Momentum. McCain says he can feel it. The Republican train is moving forward with the new 'it' person as the conductor. While the Palin phenomenon has receded and the bump that she provided to the party evaporated, the new 'fair haired' (no hair) leader of the charge is a fantasy. Joe the Plumber has captured the hearts and heads of many in the party. It is now he, and not Palin, who stands with McCain. It is Joe, and not Palin, who shares the podium and the adulation. If his 15 minutes last 3 more days, McCain's 'feeling' may become reality.

How can so many be so consumed with so little? He is like the 'cellophane man' in Chicago. You can see right through him, but yet he is still standing and waving to the cheering throngs. It is the last gasp intellectual dishonesty of the Republicans and it appears to have legs.

If not now, when for the Democrats? The confluence of events ( the war and the economy) together with the political albatross (Bush/Palin) should have diminished McCain to a paragraph in the history books. Yet I feel so uncomfortable in the days leading up to November 4. It is the plumber who is causing my internal plumbing so many problems..

The mass irrational exuberance has a mind (many minds) of its own. You can talk to it until you are blue in the face, or maybe red in the face, but your voice will be drowned out by the sounds of Republican rhetoric. While it may be impossible to find a coherent thought in their message, it matters not to those who are listening to them.

If only Joe would step up and say it ain't so. If only he would tell of the fraud that was being perpetrated. If only the cellophane man would shed his facade. If only I had wings I could fly. If only.

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