Saturday, November 15, 2008


This is the 99th post on this blog. Not all of these are a result of the workings of my mind (thanks to Richie for his continuing contributions as a guest on this site, and to Micah for his recent piece), but most of the words on these pages are mine.

For post 100, I will remain silent. I want this to be your turn to talk, my turn to listen.

You can speak of anything, your thoughts on life, love, the pursuit of happiness, the Yankees (the Phillies if you must), Barack Obama, George Bush (if you can't stop yourself), the name for the new dog to be in the White House, your mother-in-law, my blog, 2009 etc. The possibilities are limited only by you.

The length of your submission can be from a word, to a thought, to War and Peace.

If there is nothing on your mind, or if you think this is a journey to nowhere, post 100 will be blank. I hope not.

I will not edit. What you say is what will appear.

I have bored you, interested you, made you think or didn't, for many months now. It is now your turn to return the favor.

I will take submissions between now and 9PM this Sunday. You should respond in the comments section, which is but a click away. At 9:01 PM on Sunday, your thoughts will be lifted from a mere footnote on a page to a center stage position on this blog. You will forever be a contributing writer to tooearlytocall.com.

The first 99 posts have been mostly about me and my world. Enough already. Now it is YOUR TURN.


Richie Jay said...

One hundred and svimf and schwanzig yore and many many more...or whatever it is you say. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Ooooh, and don't you like the pretty banners on your blog? Yeah, I made those.

Anonymous said...

Robert, I knew you were frustrated by the lack of response to your posts. I've often wondered why so many of us choose not to comment. I've found I turn to your blog the same way I turn to the op-ed pages of the Times. I learn from them, I am often amused by them and I mostly agree with their position on issues -- just as I do with your blog. Perhaps you should invite people who would find your left leaning opinions offensive. I think you would get a lot more posts but, quite frankly, I'd be disappointed. I enjoy To Early to Call because it's informative, opinionated, often clever (in a Robert sort of way), and being a left of left liberal myself, it's a soothing way to start or end a day.

Anonymous said...

With respect to the recent election,a black man did not win but a man who happens to be black did.

Anonymous said...

It is Sunday morning--well, except that you (dad) have probably been up for eight hours already. And I have waited most of the weekend to start my homework. But rather than sit down and open my books, I am procrastinating--yet again--by contributing to your blog.

I'm thinking back to the night of the election when "too early to call" flashed across the screen, over and over again throughout the evening. It really is a shame that someone did not try to buy the website from you for some several million dollars. Maybe perhaps in four years time. But in the meantime, looking forward to the next hundred posts.

Anonymous said...

They've all been great, for different reasons. It's that variety of subjects — and emotions they call up — that makes the blog so consistently enjoyable. As you might imagine, I especially like the ones about you and your Dad. Brings wonderful memories flooding back. Thanks for sharing yourself so often -- and don't stop.

Anonymous said...

You make words. Pretty good ones at that.
I make sawdust.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog !! I have learned many things, maybe too many things, but it is all about you. What did
I learn? I now know that you love the Yankees [go Brooklyn Dodgers!], that you love your family [do you really make breakfast-in-bed on Sundays?], that your golf game sucks [I wish my game sucked like yours], and that you are a liberal.
Your blog makes my day, and I thank you for that.
David B

Anonymous said...


I wish had the time (and energy) to be a more consistent reader of Too Early to Call but as we have the chance to discuss lfe, politics, family and friends with great regularity and in person - I feel like I'm pretty up to date.

It is teriffic that you have the continued interest and enthusiasm to share your musings etc with all of us.
So in summary - we share your admiration for your kids, for Barack Obama, less so for the Yankees and golf.
(the other) ASK

Anonymous said...

Hey,Robert! Congratulations on your 100 posts...Linda

Anonymous said...

Yeh 100! Lets talk about bathroom habits. I have worked with many people from Britain and I have discovered that many (not all) don't wash their hands after doing a number 1 or number 2. I have witnessed it countless times-they go to the bathroom and then sit down and have a meal-disgusting! How about they go to the bathroom and then walk around shaking hands at a meeting or reception. What gives? I am sure this is not exclusive to people from the UK-how many ugly Americans are guilty of this germ spreading habit? Don't you love those signs in a restaurant-employees must wash hands before returning to work-yeah well what about the patrons of the eating establishment shouldn't they be encouraged to wash or does not washing add to the flavor of the food especially at all the fine dining establishments in the Garden State. Oh-and how many of you reading this flush the toilet with your foot and then use a paper towel or some other inventive way to open the bathroom door? Survey sez.........

Anonymous said...

Robert was writing a smart thought provoking blog and now Harvey has taken it into the toilet. Why must we discuss bodily functions? Robert,be careful what you ask for. This should be the forum to discuss intelligent things. Someone should GROW UP!