Friday, December 12, 2008

On buying treasury bills ( with no return)

It must be that my eyes deceive
This must be some bad make believe
It can't be that when I retrieve
What I gave is what I receive

Can the return be 0 per cent
How will that help pay the rent
This cannot be what you meant
To give me zip on money lent

Where is it we go from here
We live in a state of fear
We worry where we'll be next year
Just give us bucks to buy a beer

The government has spoken
The system's officially broken
For our dollars you give no token
And we ask if you're joking

So to the drawing board let's go
To find a way to make some dough
To help make our economy grow
So for our work there's green to show

You must give more than you receive
For us to have faith and believe
Give us hope so we perceive
There's nothing hidden up your sleeve

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