Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freedom fried

"He's Leaving, Really" is a look by Gail Collins at what we may expect to hear from George Bush as we anxiously wait for the day when we only get a view of 43 in our rear view mirror. I think, in looking back, the President should call his farewell address "Freedom Fried".

Over the past 8 years we have watched in horror and disgust as this misadministration veered us to a path marked by freedom from the rigors of the constitution, the demands of diplomacy, the oversight of crumbling financial markets and the protection of our environment. The course taken has found us with less personal freedoms, less foreign credibility, less domestic ability and less air to breathe freely.

We have been reduced in so many ways. We await tonight's speech not for the freedoms of which Bush will speak but for the one overriding freedom we all crave. Let us all be free from the grips of incompetency and and let us all begin a new journey back to the principles upon which this democracy is based. Goodbye President Bush. Free at last.


Anonymous said...

why would anyone want to actually spend the time watching 43 say goodbye?

Anonymous said...

I think your cooking technique metaphor was inspired by the Leeds' cook-off last Sunday.
We should all get together tonight at the Nussbaum apartment for a dubya fry since we blew our opportunity to send him off to swim w/ the fishes 4 yrs ago - (metaphorically speaking of course.)

Robert said...

In honor of the Leed's cheese cook-off event last weekend, we should dine on cheese fries only as the "Last Supper" for George the less than great.