Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The greatness to dream

the following is what I heard in my mind yesterday:

"Like Dr. King, we must have a dream. We must not view the landscape before us and ask why. We must instead envision the dream and ask why not.

I stand here the product of the dream of people from Abraham Lincoln to Rosa Parks to Martin Luther King and thousands more. I stand here because of people who saw the dream and would not be deterred in their quest. I stand here because we as a people have been for over 230 years, and continue to be, a nation that permits dreams by its citizens. I am here because we as a nation do not let dreams die.

But dreams often do not come without a great price. There are often terrible struggles and difficult consequences. There are obstacles that seem insurmountable and problems that seem unsolvable. But our greatness lies in our willingness to do whatever it takes, to always keep reaching.

We as a nation now see danger and harsh terrain when we look ahead . We as a nation dare not turn back. We are stronger and better than that. We must all do what it takes to keep the flames of our dream alive. Sometimes it may flicker but we will never let it burn out. Sometimes we will be weary but we can never rest. Sometimes we may be knocked down but we will never quit. It is our destiny to follow greatness. It is our destiny to be great."

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