Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New TV shows

Here are some of the new shows that are scheduled for the upcoming season:

1. BM- a look at all the lives turned to s___ as a result of the shenanigans of Bernie Madoff
2. Reverse Dobbs- a look at all the illegal immigrants trying to leave the US in search of employment and a better life
3. Follow the money- an in depth tracking of where all the money from the bailout disappeared to
4. I can't start my car- a day in the life of the heads of the Big 3
5. War what is it good for- a study in all the cons (and none of the pros) of being in a war zone
6. Take this job and shove it- Days 1 to 30 in the Obama presidency- a look from the inside out
7. Social insecurity- Following the life of one reaching out for retirement and finding only air
8. The doughnut hole- Reaching into the pocket of seniors, the black hole of health care is examined
9. Jobs- 10 individuals, who suddenly found themselves out of work, look for employment where there is none
10.Fast forward- A look at our lives in 2010 and 2020.
11.Heaven help us- Fundamentalism and everything it brings with it
12.Palin failin- At home and at work with the Palin family through 2009
13.Old paper- Nothing about newspapers are new- an industry on the brink
14.Bushwhacked- Back in Texas, 43 explains it all to us. this is not expected to last more than 1 episode
15.The Clintons- As Bill has had to disassociate with everyone he has ever known, the junior secretary of state examines world affairs with Hillary in a weekly chat
16.Unchened- Dick Cheney opens up like never before- why he should have tortured Bush
17.The Obama girls- The new celebrity kids talk about adjusting to life in the big white house
18.The silent minority- Rush Limbaugh stands mute for 30 minutes each Saturday
19.Turn out the lights- As Broadway shows dwindle each day, we examine the disappearance of art in our lives
20.Yankee ingenuity- How the Yankees manage to spend their way to everything but the World Series
21.The Constitution- A where's Waldo look to find anything in the Bill of Rights left intact by the Bush misadministration
22.The Clampetts- A daily guessing game on the price of oil
23.Indicted- An examination of the crimes committed during the Bush years and whether the culprits will ever be pursued
24.Here comes the sun- Alternative energy sources and whether they will ever see the light of day
25. Seven dirty words- George Carlin's masterpiece updated to the 21st Century by George Bush

Stay tuned for more shows that are now only in discussion.

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Anonymous said...

This is very funny. I think you might have something here. Do we know anyone in the television industry. I am ready to tune in