Tuesday, January 27, 2009

While Rome burns

Governor Blago- "So how do you think I'm doing?"

Interviewer on the "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" show- "Well, I do admire your energy for doing every talk show on every major network in 1 day. But, the more important question is why you are defending yourself here and not where you are on trial."

GB- "Did Jesus defend himself? Did Martin Luther King? Did Gandhi? Did Rocky Balboa?"

Interviewer- "But, if you are not going to state your case in Illinois, why did you not just resign?"

GB- "Their day of reckoning will come, but this is not the moment. For now, it is just important that the rest of the world knows I did nothing wrong".

Interviewer- "But the tapes of your conversations call for an explanation that we can all understand."

GB- " Let me be perfectly clear about that. I DID NOTHING WRONG. Now are you satisfied?"

Interviewer- "This is just a waste of time and energy unless you are willing to be forthright with me."

GB- "I am trying to be honest. I get up at 3 o'clock every morning thinking only about what I can do to help my State."

Interviewer- "Did you say you worry only about yourself?"

GB- " I am so misunderstood". While I am running every morning, I try to run as far away as I can."

Interviewer- "Are you running away from your troubles?"

GB- "My wife and my children suffer. I suffer. Now is the picture beginning to clear for you?"

Interviewer- " Whom do you blame for this happening?"

GB- "Well, it is not those who prosecute me, because ultimately I believe in them. They will soon see the light. It is not the media because I know they are now listening to me. It is those whose only thought for the last 4 years is to get me and my hair out of the picture."

Interviewer- "And who would that be?"

GB- "I can tell you it was not Senator Burris and it was not Oprah Winfrey. Beyond that, you will have to decide for yourself."

Interviewer- "Did you seek to gain personally from the appointment of a new governor?"

GB- "If you would speak with Rahm Emanuel or with Jesse Jackson, Jr. , you would have your answer."

Interviewer- " And what would that answer be?"

GB-" I am sorry. I am due to appear on the "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away" show in 10 minutes. I must leave now. But, I just want to end by thanking you for letting me clear my name before the American public."


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