Monday, January 26, 2009

WWOD ( What would Obama do)

The final score was Covenant 100 , Dallas Academy 0. The coach for the winning team was unapologetic. Upon reflection, the players on his team spoke of feeling terrible and wanting to forfeit the game. The losing squad talked of canceling the remainder of its season and withdrawing from the league.

It is the age old argument of whether it is intellectually dishonest to show compassion and to do less than your best. For one coach, the answer was obvious. For the rest of us, the ramifications of inflicting this type of humiliation cries out for a much more nuanced response.

I ask you to tell me how some of the following would answer the question of running up the score (each individual's response should be 25 words or less)

1) Barack Obama
2) George Bush
3) Dick Cheney
4) Joe Biden
5) Bobby Knight
6) John Wooden
7) Your boss
8) Your mother
9) Your mother in law
10) Your psychiatrist
11) Your spiritual guide
12) Your favorite teacher
13) Your best friend
14) Your worst enemy
15) Sarah Palin
16) Katie Couric
17) You

Try to hear their voices ( this is not hearing voices in your head) and answer as they would. The best answer gets an all expense paid trip to interview the coaches. The worst answer has to read all the posts on my blog in a 24 hour period.


Anonymous said...

Sarah wouldn't answer the question, but would talk about her view of Russia from her window and how she can see terrorists in Chicago. you betcha.
Joe B, now veep Joe B, wouldn't be able to answer any question in 25 words or less.
Katie would want to know what newspapers that he read that morning, before rendering any help.
Dick would come out of his burrow, and if he didn't see his shadow, would return to it.
Barack, now he would want to linger on this question. Is it better to be superior? or should we give the losing team, 5 picks from the other team to even the field? He would then invite the losing squad to the White House for a game of one on one at the White House basketball court.

Robert said...

Now this is a man with his thinking cap on.

Job well done, David B