Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I must confess that when I began posting on the blog I was less than happy if people were not spending the little time it would take to read my writing. Pride definitely obscured my vision. I was making music and only a precious few could hear my song. With the passage of time, my feelings have moderated.

A report from Royal Pingdom of January 22, 2009 states that there are now 133 million blogs ( this data came from Technocrati). There are 900,000 new blog posts daily. In 2008 alone, there were 329 million blog posts.There are 1.3 billion e-mail users worldwide. 210 billion e-mails are sent on an average day. It is estimated that 70% of these are spam, which translates to 53 trillion pieces of spam last year alone. ( wikipedia)

Under these circumstances, what chance does my voice have of being heard?

We all have well meaning friends who deliver pieces of trivia, jokes, pictures, political discourse and other people's blog postings to us each and every day.It is all intended to amuse, engross, persuade or distract us. The purpose of it all is to engage us. We are 'overengaged'.

As such, we all become very selective in our choices. We all take great pride when we manage to catch up on the e-mails, and make a dent in ridding ourselves of items that are clogging the arteries of our computers and threatening their ability to 'compute'.

My voice, though very loud in my own head, is but the tiniest of whispers in this world. I no longer quiz my friends quite as often as to whether they have read my latest offering. I no longer expect my better posts to be met with thunderous applause. The reality of being 1 in 133 million is somewhat sobering.

Yet, like everyone else who undertakes this quest, there is a sense within that I am somehow different. There are over 200 million blogs that have been abandoned over time, as dreams of greatness fade. I still cling to the hope that my voice is being heard above the din. I still think that you have not wearied of reading my posts, and that the delete button is not the first thing that comes to mind when you see my post. I still believe that you look forward to my ramblings, and that they do have a place in your day. I continue to write for me and for you. I am still here.


Anonymous said...

Ramble on ! I look forward to these musings,... some great, some perfect, some "not to good" but always interesting.

Robert said...

Thanks, thanks a lot, and you don't know what you're talking about (in response to your various thoughts on my postings)


Anonymous said...

David always knows what he is talking about. I always look forward to receiving you emails announcing your latest ramble.
8:15 at the quad?

Robert said...

8:15 it is ( for all of you who have not a clue, this refers to a meeting place on Saturday morning for our weekly ski adventure)