Sunday, February 8, 2009


"It's going, going gone. Another A-Bomb from A-Rod".

I am sad tonight. I don't want to be questioning every 100 mile per hour fastball, every 450 foot home run. I want to continue to believe in fairy tales. I want to enjoy uncluttered surroundings.

We live in uncertain times. We find sanctuary where we can. I take refuge in the game of baseball. I have and always will. I resent Barry Bonds. I resent Mark McGwire. I resent Sammy Sosa. I resent Roger Clemens. Now I find I have to resent Alex Rodriguez. I resent them all for making me have to work a little harder to find the purity in each pitch, in each swing.

I am 56 years old but I want to have the eyes of a 6 year old. I know that there are reasons and rationales , denials and explanations. I don't want to hear them. I don't want to deal with court systems, suspensions, Hall of Fame exclusions. I don't want to find home plate cluttered with subpoenas, drug tests and lawyers. When I look out on the field, I want to see 9 men and nothing more. I deserve this, as do all who love the game.


Anonymous said...

10 men, otherwise they have nothing to do!!!


Anonymous said...

How about 14 men...

Anonymous said...

We agree wholeheartedly with you. Shame on A Rod and all of the other baseball players who feel they need to take illegal substances to be more effective at their sport. It really is upsetting! For all the money they are getting paid by their franchises, these habits should have been addressed many, many years ago! It makes you wonder how long this has really gone on. It has to have been done prior to the 2004 law that went into effect. AND What about all of the other sports figures that are never spoken about? How many football players are also setting bad examples that are never mentioned by the media?

Robert said...

It has long ago stopped being a game for so many. The power of the dollar and the allure of fame have replaced the sounds and smells of their youths for these athletes.

I read yesterday of the fear that the last man standing is Derek Jeter, and if he goes, what then. It made me shudder