Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The great .....................disconnect

Hundreds of speeches, thousands of words and millions of comments. And so far, nothing to show for it.

We are in a hurry. We want to see pictures of foreclosure signs being removed, as people continue to live in their now more affordable homes. We crave images of the first shovel of dirt being dug on road reconstruction or needed rehabilitation of a school. We long for the picture of new wind turbines. We need to see the first new energy efficient car come off the lines. While money seems to get to the banks and Wall Street in a nano-second, there is a huge................gap in our minds between the thoughts of true economic recovery and any signs that it is about to get underway.

It is this I think, above all else, that has us in such a panic. Enough with the speeches. We have heard all the rhetoric. Show us the money. Show us the money.

In tonight's speech, President Obama would do well to pull out the down home stories of people's lives being turned around by what is being done. Let there be a glimmer of light, that tomorrow holds out the promise of hope and not a year or 2..........down the road. If we can feel some sense of immediacy, we can begin to put our house and our country back in order. Until that happens, I fear that all the words in the world will just dry up and............vanish.

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