Monday, February 23, 2009

More new shows

As the economy continues in free fall, here is a list of potential new shows to study the downside of the downside:

1) American Idle
2) The Weak in Review
3) Who Wants To Find A Millionaire
4) Wheel of Misfortune
5) Double Jeopardy
6) 12 (What's left of 24)
7) No Deal or No Deal
8) Bare Bones
9) Lost, Forever
10)The Too Late Show
11)Apartment (as we lost House)
12)Damages, gone wild
13)Law and Order, Special Victims (us)
14)Lie to me, please
15)Friday nights lights out
16)The small bang theory

I am sure there are many more possibilities. If you learn of one, please let us know.

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