Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No it alls

They are consistent. They are, in the words of Michael Steele, the Republican National chairman, as one in "disagreement with Congressional Democrats and President Obama" in denouncing the stimulus package as a waste of money (NY Times, February 18).

It is the voice of opposition for the sake of political gain. If the plan fails, there will be hundreds of Republican leaders standing over the carcass with I told you so in their eyes.

The future is fraught with peril. Almost as soon as billions had been handed out to the Big 3, they are back with empty pockets and pleas for more. As we send 17,000 more troops into harms way in Afghanistan, the coffers will continue to empty in our ongoing struggles to even find our enemies. We now have formulated plans to provide aid to those facing the imminent threat of loss of their home. We are using our money to stop the bleeding and hope we don't hemorrhage.

We will take many steps back for every step we take forward in the coming months. There will be times of legitimate finger pointing. But, like the boy who cried wolf, it will be virtually impossible to separate the Republican mantra from true dissent. If the sky is always falling, how do we know when Chicken Little is not just clucking?

If yes we can is always met with no you won't, we will all suffer. Let us be selective in how we try to instill fear and negativity. In a time where there is little positive, let the Republicans permit yes to creep into their vocabulary. It may hurt a little at first, but they might be surprised where it can lead them, and all of us, in the end.

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