Wednesday, February 4, 2009


He ran the perfect race for the last 2 years. But now, like a young racehorse facing his first true test, he has come stumbling out of the blocks.He has been undermined by a vetting process that has somehow failed to scrutinize potential tax problems for his nominees and rebuffed by the Republicans as one in an attempt to move forward the stimulus package.

Maureen Dowd in her column entitled, "Well, that certainly didn't take long" discusses the descent from the pedestal that President Obama is now encountering. Like many other ardent Obama supporters, I hoped my vision of Obama World would become reality. I can already here the other side saying "I told you so".

I , for one, have not lost my faith. Not yet, not so soon. While unrealistic expectations must now be replaced by uncomfortable truths, the overriding strength and vision of Obama remains totally intact. We must all remember that it is not how one starts the race but where one is at the finish that matters.

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