Friday, March 6, 2009

Black and Blue Chips

In the latest twist to the "brother can you spare a dime" story, there is a report in the NY Times ('Slump humbling Blue Chip stocks, Once Dow's Pride', 3/6/09 by Jack Healy) about just how far your dollar will take you in the stock market. This is really a tale of the fading American dream.

What we are going through on a daily basis is a vote on our chances of survival. Strengths and weaknesses of a particular company are irrelevant. Long term analysis has been replaced by nightmares of what tomorrow will bring.

We are in free-fall. We appear as one to be going into hibernation and taking our ever dwindling pile of food with us for the long winter. While daylight saving time will soon add light to our days, and the cold will soon moderate, we seem to be headed into the caves. Nothing seems to follow its natural order.

Some day soon I hope we feel that the choices we are making as an administration have made a positive impact. Until then, I am afraid many more people will be buying GE fluorescent light bulbs than will be acquiring a piece of that company's future.


Anonymous said...

What most people fail to realize is that this IS the natural order of things. Throughout history cycles of boom and bust, feast and famine, oppression and freedom, and ultimately survival or destruction, are all sparked by good old fashioned greed and opportunism, and the narcissistic fundamentals of the human species. It is normal for us to occasionally come face to face with the reality that we are not as evolved as we give ourselves credit for. Unfortunately we forget soon after, if we even notice at all.

Robert said...

Don't get any thoughts of taking over for me, just because you may express your thoughts better than I do.

This is a very well written comment, and it does capture the sense that we are shocked every time we run into a down cycle. We are not particularly good students of history.