Monday, March 9, 2009

Buffetted by the Wind(bags)

We have become readers of the ouija board, tarot cards and the crystal ball. We look for truth in tea leaves. We are searching for answers that elude us.

We see things that are not. We miss things that are. We find what we have overlooked and overlook what we are staring at. We guess and second guess. We look forward and then back. We have been told the time was right to dive in the water and then later that we have fallen off the cliff. We are going in so many directions we have lost our way completely.

We want all those uncertain to stop sounding certain. We beseech you to quiet down until we have quieted down. We are confused enough. We don't need more noise in our heads.

We await the day when the clouds disappear and the future becomes clear. We will let you know when that day arrives. We are shutting you off and shutting you up until then.

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