Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the fighter (a history of our country's resiliency)

Looking every bit his advanced years, the fighter staggers back to the corner. His red, white and blue trunks are spattered in blood. He is facing an opponent who seems to be coming at him from all angles. He appears defenseless, and out of answers. He sits on his stool wondering how he can summon the strength to go on.

He has fought many epic battles through a long and illustrious career. In his youth, seemingly overmatched against the long time ruler of his division, he had won a great victory, ending his opponent's reign of domination.

He had even been compelled to go face to face and toe to toe against his own brother. It was a bloody and horrific mess, long and torturous for both sides.

Through the years he had rebuffed the attempts of many from other lands who thought they had the power to overcome him. Though many tried, none prevailed.

In his own camp, mismanagement and greed had, in the not too distant past, threatened to strip him of everything. He had almost succumbed once, and had dealt with other financial troubles through the succeeding years, but he had always clawed his way back to the top. Now, he seemed to be facing the greatest test of them all.

He searches in his corner for answers, or at least words of encouragement. Where there had always been nothing but bravado now there was nothing. Silence.

He turns his weary gaze towards his opponent, who is standing and smiling broadly. The smell of victory is in the air, and the giant that faces him is anxious to finish it off. He is sure that this will be the final bell for his all but vanquished foe.

It is in his opponent's eyes that the weary warrior finds his vision. He will not let this happen. When he looks across the ring he sees not the one person awaiting the kill but the millions of eyes that are counting on their hero to arise from the ashes. He will not let them see him defeated and diminished. He will have to extinguish that look of arrogance in his opponent for all who count on him and need him. Their strength will be his strength.

As the bell rings, the fighter springs off his stool and rushes out to the middle of the ring. In an instant, the combatants are throwing their best shots at one another. This is far from over.


Anonymous said...

Very clever metaphor--and as always, beautifully written.

Robert said...

thank you very much for the compliment.

We are in for a long battle and we can look to our historical resiliency as a hopeful indicator that we will somehow meander out whole once more.

Anonymous said...

very poinient Bobbi joe

Robert said...

thank you very much.

I have a feeling I was being obtuse and a little too clever for my own good.

the fighter is intended to be the United States (and the post is on our history of resiliency). The references are to
1) gaining our independence
2) the Civil War
3) World War I , World War II etc
4) the Depression and the various recessions
5) the lack of answers with our current crisis
6) the economic monster staring at all of us
7) our looking to our leaders to pull out victory from defeat
8) the willingness to pour every ounce of our being into the fight

Did everyone get what I was trying to say? (I have spoken to a few of my readers today and they have been struggling to find the identity of our hero).


Anonymous said...

Just catching up.....excellent piece of writing, I really enjoyed it!!