Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The First Night

He was having difficulty breathing. He was trying to remember how to get air into his lungs. He felt nauseated.

As the walls began to close in on him, he sank to his knees. He could no longer hold the weight of his body under him.

His heart was beating wildly. There was either pain or numbness radiating to his limbs. In his anxiety, he was unable to distinguish.

He tried to crawl over to his bed but was unable to move.

He felt himself falling forward. As he reached out to break his fall, his arms failed him, and he landed heavily on his face. His glasses flew away and blood appeared on his lower lip.

He lay motionless. He had neither the strength or the courage to call out.

This was going to be the longest night of his life.

This may not be how Bernie Madoff envisions the first night of the rest of his life behind bars. But, as he gets into bed tonight he knows the end is near. The nightmares will soon be real. Sleep will not come easily this evening.


Anonymous said...

Robert, Do you you still have our poker money? Ted

Robert said...

does this mean you would bet against this happening?

What do you think is going through his mind?

Unknown said...

Legal opinion,please----Is it possible that what I heard on TV is true - that by pleading guilty,Madoff does not have to answer questions as to what he did with the money?

Robert said...

I believe he has to present a factual basis for the charges to which he is pleading guilty.

I am not a criminal attorney, but I don't believe, for purposes of this proceeding, he would be compelled to 'follow the $'.

I would think that his 'cooperation' with an investigation trying to get answers on where the $ went would go more towards whether he could negotiate to have his family members, and possibly others, spared any criminal charges, or if his wife would be able to hold onto any of their assets.

For those attorneys reading this, who have knowledge in criminal law, give us your take on what may be happening behind the scenes.