Monday, March 2, 2009


1) what is a stress test?
2) how many banks are being tested?
3) what happens if a bank fails a stress test?
4) how does a bank fail a test?
5) do we own preferred stock or common stock in troubled banks?
6) what is the difference?
7) how many times have we bailed out AIG?
8) how much $ has AIG received?
9) what do we own in AIG?
10) how much has Citigroup received in assistance?
11) how much has Bank of America received in assistance?
12) what was the 4th quarter reported loss by AIG?
13) how much has the govemment handed out in bail out funds?
14) has any of the stimulus money been handed out?
15) how much $ have each of the Big 3 received?
16) do any of the Big 3 have requests for more $?
17) do we own a stake in any of the Big 3?
18) who pushes the buttons on the decision to hand out monies?

I seem to have an ability to retain numbers. I read each day about what is happening 'out there'. Yet it is next to impossible for me to retain or comprehend this information.

Does it all seem like one big swirling mass? They talk about trying to wrap your arms around a problem. Whose arms are that big?


Anonymous said...

Arn't the answers supposed to be at the bottom of the page upside down in small print?
Or do the come with the next post like the Sunday crossword puzzle.

Robert said...

You are presupposing that I know these answers.