Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Cold Truth

I just finished a one day diet. I didn't lose any weight but who cares.

Forget the exercise routine. Stop counting calories. Order that second piece of cake. Just step outside with me.

Strip down. Prolonged exposure may cause frostbite but it is worth the sacrifice. In the warm months, I was thinking of heading into the freezer at Fairway, dressed only in shorts and a tee shirt. The Ice Palace hotel will be booked year round.

The NY Times today reports that Brown fat cells, long thought to exist only in children, are now evident in adults. These cells apparently respond to the cold by producing heat and burning calories. Eureka!

You know those that get fat on our fat won't take this news lightly. It is reported that US health club revenues were $19.1 billion for 2008 (Club Industry's Fitness Business Pro, April 1 ,2009). The diet and weight loss industries have even more to lose. Revenues for the supplement industry exceeded $20 billion last year. While we stuffed our mouths, the diet and weight loss business was generating over $40 billion to stuff into their pockets in 2008.(Pyc-Fitness). With a historical success rate of sustained loss at 5%, 50 million Americans a year made fat cats out of many in their attempts to get skinny.

But if this latest report is accurate, someday we may all line up at the doctor's office for our prescription of Brown fat. We will take our pill or our injection, go do our 'ice'ometrics, and come out looking like clones of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Life just got a lot sweeter.


Bruce Egert said...

For the next eight days I will not eat any bread and instead substitute a thin, board like manna made only with flour and water. I hope it works.

Robert said...

may you have much success in passing over some of our favorite foods

PickleBiz said...

So why are eskimos chubby?

Robert said...

The same thought crossed my mind. However, I think the report was that thinner people had more brown fat cells than heavier people. Eskimos apparently have no luck, as they get both cold and fat.

Morts said...

Since the economy has slow down my practice anyone who wants to see their brown fat can have a Pet/Ct by me. It will cost you only $2500 unless your medical insurance will pay. Remember to stay in a cold room first for at least 2 hrs. before coming


Robert said...

Can we get a group discount if I can get at least 5 people to examine their Brown fat in detail?