Friday, April 17, 2009

Life and Death

The much anticipated birth took place yesterday. Thousands were there to see the new creation. With much regret, I was not among those in attendance. However, I can certainly imagine what transpired.

We had all known about this virtually from the moment of conception.We had watched it grow from nothing to what it now was, a brand spanking newborn.

Not that we hadn't debated the merits of whether this day should ever have come. I was one of the voices wailing against it . Kicking and screaming, I had said there was no need for this to occur. But, my voice mattered not, and in the final analysis, life consists not only of the past and present but also the future.

Off to the side of the gathered throng, silent and proud, the grandmother stood. She was admired and appreciated throughout the world. Now 85 years old, but seeming to be as tall and erect as ever, she bore a remarkable resemblance to the infant. Those gathered could not have helped but notice. While there were differences for sure, the lineage was clear.

We knew that this elderly lady, though appearing to be in perfect health, would be no more very soon. Thus, while the collective gaze and conversation surely centered around the object of most of the attention, there was undoubtedly some sadness in many hearts. Soon, memories of the grand old dame would be all that we would have.

What the future brings for the infant is unclear. It's father, George, is in ill health and in decline. Worries about how the struggling economy would effect it in the coming years was certainly a topic of conversation. But, at least for today, it was all about a world of endless possibilities.

A ballgame took place yesterday. The Yankees lost. It was not what had been hoped for, but the result mattered little in the long run. The NEW Yankee Stadium was here.

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