Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Off course

Haven't they ever heard of Photoshop? I am computer illiterate but I know you can create fake reality without being Houdini. I also have watched the movies where Godzilla and dinosaurs arm wrestle or where kids are shrunk to the size of blades of grass. Did we really have no other option but to shake, rattle and roll our fragile psyches in search of the perfect picture?

What moron felt it necessary to virtually reenact the single worst moment on US soil in our lifetime? Did he not anticipate that the sight of the plane used by our commander in chief, shadowed by 2 fighter jets, flying almost on top of office buildings so near where our lives were forever changed, might be misinterpreted by the general public?

The reports are that the President was furious with this blunder. He should be. His campaign, and now his administration, have been so careful not to commit these kinds of errors. We have been made to feel that they are aware of virtually every decision that impacts our lives. This is one that got away from them.

Next time they want to take a photo op, just have them call Hollywood. Maybe we can view President Obama walking hand in hand with the Statue of Liberty through the streets of New York. This would clearly be more catchy and less frightening then real life.

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