Thursday, April 2, 2009

Publication Update

I am now officially a published author. As I arrived home from work yesterday, Joanne and Richie rushed to hand me a copy of "Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Golf Book, 101 Great Stories from the Course and Clubhouse". There, on page 212, is a story entitled "Coming to Grips" by Robert Scott Nussbaum. Among my fellow authors in this book are Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Kenny G, Dave Anderson (a well known sportswriter) and a slew of other people who earn their keep by writing. My standing in this pantheon is self evident.

I turned my attention to my piece first (of course) and was critical of how it read. I looked back on what I had originally written and realized that there had been some significant edits of my submission. I had never received a copy of this revised version of me. Some of what I had considered to be the best parts of my story were left on the cutting room floor.

I have now moved away from my two page, fifteen minutes to the other 348 pages of essays. So far, with each well written tale, my work diminishes a little more. If the rest of the writing measures up to the first 35 pages, I think I will be happy if they just cut out page 212 and 213 in the second printing of this book. Like my friend said to me last night on reading my essay, "don't give up your day job just yet". I won't.

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