Monday, April 27, 2009

The Robber Barons

Let me get this right. We give you billions and billions of dollars to save you from standing on the breadlines. You admit that through your incompetency, lack of due diligence, or outright wrongdoing, you have mismanaged yourself, and taken us to the brink. You are as toxic today as you were yesterday. And yet you now report that compensation levels appear headed back to the glory days of not so yesteryear. What am I missing?

One of you provides figures indicating that the average pay for every man, woman and plant in your employ may be in excess of $500,000 in 2009. You have done pretty well, you suggest. You have righted your ship and those responsible must be paid accordingly. They have to be kept happy or they will flee to the mythical land of wherever else this fraud can be committed on the unsuspecting. Can somebody please look up the definition of chutzpah.

How is this scenario even possible? How can we be holding our collective breath, hoping that the next wave of economic disasters does not drown us, while you sit on the beach with your pina colada?

When did you become smarter than the rest of us? Are you deserving of this largesse because of your IQ or because we have just failed to come up with the formula to shut you down? You cannot hold a fiduciary responsibility for our well being and so cavalierly disregard us. Don't take our money and then walk away from us. You seem more and more like Madoff every day. We want you to stop living in your alternate universe and join us on the planet that is in peril. These are not the glory days. You are our AIG and we require that you show some humility and some restraint. Enough.

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