Saturday, April 18, 2009


Waterboarding- a palate cleanser
Wall Standing- an unconventional, but effective way to improve one's flexibility
Water dousing- a refreshing dip
Stress positions- it only hurts when you breathe
Cramped confinement- reminds me of my first apartment
Confinement - also reminds me of my first apartment
Walling- an unconventional but effective way of performing chiropractic treatment

Kiefer Sutherland and Jack Nicholson could have used Jay Bybee, John Yoo and Steven Bradbury as scriptwriters

When one speaks of torturing the English language, this is not what was contemplated. Our government has always stood for something greater than this.The country, under the Bush reign of terror, lost its bearing. The evidence of the moral bankruptcy permeated the financial sector and has left us near ruin. It has also reared its ugly head in the manner in which it treated those who would not bend to our will.The lack of ethical concerns or dictates took away our money and our standing with the rest of the world. The moral high ground became foreign soil, during these 8 lost years.We have been laid low as a result.

Should these atrocities now be exposed? The brightest light should be shined on these darkest times. Let them be examined and rejected and let us begin to regenerate by separating from the worst of ourselves. Let us demonstrate that we are deserving of consideration as the finest example of what a government can be. We should not ignore our faults. While we may consider it torture to have to be scrutinized and criticized, that is not the definition of this word. There is clearly much worse that one could be forced to endure.

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