Friday, April 10, 2009

Word Games Part II

With another column from Mr. Schott, adding more new words and phrases to the vocabulary of our universe, I now respond to the challenge of making my own creations. Here they are:

Krug(man)errand - a positive report from a Nobel Prize winner in economics on the administration's strategy of attacking the financial calamity. This would be worth its weight in gold.

No CC's - the number of strikeouts the new Yankee ace recorded in his first start

O G Whiz - the personal charisma of the President at the Summit- However, the results of this conference are far from clear.

The moment of Beckoning - When one suffers a breakdown in front of a national audience.

Indige$tion - An inability to take in, process or absorb all the crap that is flowing through our $ystem

Vacat(e)ion- A forced move from one location to another based on financial woes

The $urge - a 20% rise in the Dow Jones that is regarded with skepticism as to whether it signals a lasting reduction in the violence in the stockmarketplace

P(irate) - The anger felt when your military armada is in a standoff with 4 lunatics in a lifeboat.

In full Bloom(berg) - the ability to circumvent the stated will of the people in an effort to marshall continued power unto yourself

(Fore)closure - the dwindling number of members at private golf clubs due to the economic downturn

Dowism - A religion in which one prays only Monday to Friday, and the resurrection refers merely to one's 401K account.


Mickey said...

to add to your collection:
matzopation/ matzopated-the gastric after effects of the Passover holiday

Robert said...

thanks for the add on-

does anyone know why they feel we have to buy boxes and boxes of matzah?