Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am a flawed person. We all are flawed people. Sometimes, we need a wake up call to make us acknowledge and address our shortcomings. I got mine last night, by phone.

It is not easy criticizing someone directly. How do you phrase it so that it doesn't make the speaker sound mean or aggressive? You can only imagine that if you state it the wrong way, the recipient will be greatly offended and hurt. I was complimented while being chastised. It was the right approach, at least for me.

As faults go, the one in question is not earth shattering. The call centered on my self degradation on the golf course. You see, I like to think of myself as the golfer I once was, and will quite frankly never be again. I want others to know, and remind them consistently, that I was better than this, and I am disappointed in my performance. They don't want to hear my constant whining of my golfing inadequacies. Whether they are better or worse than me, I am sure they share a common dislike for my continual rant. To tell you the truth, I can't stand it either.

But, like I say, it is a flaw. Think about the most annoying habit you have. I don't know if you can wish it away. I would certainly wish that my banter center only on positive thoughts. It would make the time I spend with others easier for them, and for me. I am often in a new golfing community these days and have not been sought out as a regular by anyone with whom I have played. If I am honest with myself, I know the reason why. If I had the choice, I wouldn't make that call to me.

So, today when I am frustrated by the mishits and mistakes, I will make a real effort to correct my shortcoming. Normally, when I play, my thoughts are focused only on finding golfing greatness. Today, I will try to think only of how I can improve my demeanor. Maybe I can find the greatness I am searching for in places I never imagined.


gail said...

some nerve!!!
tell your golfing buddies to speak to your sister-I think you're perfect!

Robert said...

I had to pay you to say that!

I was on my best behavior today on the golf course, even though my golf continues to be rotten. I think I busted a gut holding everything in.

Davie B said...

Not so !!!you have not once thrown a golf club in our presence. Your mumbles go unheeded. We have leaned to turn a deaf ear !!!!
I find you very suportive, is is because you just want to play at Minisceongo ??

Robert said...

Maybe the answer is just to mumble

Thanks for coming to my defense. I appreciate the sentiments.