Friday, May 15, 2009

Mission Accomplished

The lesson learned is that hard work pays dividends. If one is vigilant and persistent, then goals can be reached and differences can be made. Numbers don't lie. We are winning the war against immigration.

Or maybe, just maybe, people don't really want anything more than the best life they can find for themselves in whatever place they can find it. Maybe we don't need the Lou Dobbs drone of nonsense day after day to accomplish a decline in immigration. The recession has done the job for him.

The report in today's New York Times is of a dramatic decline in the number of people trying to flee Mexico illegally. The answer for those of you who don't want these people here is merely to let our country run itself into the ground. Whereas we have previously been told there are 12 million illegal immigrants in the US, the Times now estimates the figure as closer to 11 million. We have more people fleeing this country then sneaking into it.

Soon we will be able to balance the budget by just continuing to fail to recover. We won't need to patrol the borders. We won't have to worry about providing services for millions of people who may be unable to come out into the light of day for fear of deportation. Our new strategy must be one of failure. Only in that way can we succeed.

You see, they never wanted a free ride from us. If there are no jobs, there is no immigration problem. I want to applaud the former administration for creating such a mess that when those longing for something more look across the border, they no longer see anything they want. The Bush legacy is that he was finally able to shut up those who rail against immigration. Lou Dobbs may be out of a job soon. Maybe he should think about moving to Mexico to find work.


RobE said...

As always, an excellent commentary.
A great assignment for Lou Dobbs would be to report on living conditions among the poor in the countryside of Mexico for a few days, and secretly steal his passport once he got there.

Robert said...

If only.

More importantly, go to bed. I see it was 2 AM when you wrote your comment. Get some sleep.