Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your Move

I never learned how to play chess. I either lack the patience or the intelligence, or maybe both. My hope is that Barack Obama is a master of the game.

With the latest rumbling from below ground, and streaks across the sky, North Korea has made another bold statement. Whether these were acts of stupidity or not will be determined in the coming months. We must determine if this was a move with a pawn, a bishop or the queen. Are we to respond with caution or with aggressiveness?

The last President never wanted to play this game. He appeared to be a checkers man. Thinking several moves ahead was seemingly not within his ability or desire.

On so many fronts, the new President is being challenged to demonstrate his capacities. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, all await a tactical response. Leaders from around the globe will be analyzing and dissecting the foreign policy directives to find the new Presidents strengths and weaknesses.

In our country, financial reforms, environmental dictates, ethical boundaries, all will be shaped as Obama moves his pieces. Unlike Bush, this President will not try to plow down everything in his way, consequences be damned. Obama appears to be one willing to wear an opponent down whenever possible, to take control of the board little by little.

We are in a difficult era, one overflowing with unanswered questions. The board is full of players posing danger. The next step, on so many levels, belongs to the President. We desperately need a man of vision to take the necessary actions to avoid any possibility of being checkmated. Mr. President, it is your move.

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Anonymous said...

Israel faces an existennial threat from the Persian promise to annihilate a western democracy. We as Americans must continue to support Israel and make sure Iran never gets an A bomb.