Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walking the Appalachian Trail

Governor Sanford has now provided us with a new definition of taking a hike. For 6 days, it appears he was clearing more than his head. How many more of these stories do we have to endure?

This is not a one party problem. From Kennedy, to Clinton, to Spitzer and Edwards, the Democrats have many who have also walked this trail. However, the Republicans have cornered the market on preaching morality and practicing anything but. Gingrich, Vitter, Foley, Craig and Ensign are among those who have fueled the fire. We have listened to their endless rants against homosexuality, the continual preaching of family values, the slings and arrows attacking those who have failed to take what these holier than thou perceive as the moral high ground. Time and again, we have seen those who so loudly attack others, humbled by revelations of their own homosexuality or infidelity.

The Republican party is in shambles on so many levels. For them to begin to resurrect themselves, they must recognize that they reside in glass houses. It is time for their destructive practices to end. In all likelihood, there will be another Republican in the near future who finds himself in a situation like that of Governor Sanford. For his sake, and that of his party, let's hope the vicious rhetoric has been quieted by then.


Anonymous said...

They have become the party of religious zealots. All zealots of whatever stripe are hypocrites. They offer little forgiveness of others but will ask forgiveness for their own transgressions. I have to go,it is Tango time.

David B said...

what's the problem? they have apologized, so all is okay. it's not like a Clinton or somebody or a democrat. what they do in the privacy of their home, office or trail, as long as they offer to step down or around, it is all right.After all, they have God on their side. So what's the problem>

Robert said...

Exactly. Except, maybe not. Really, not at all.

It is the alternate universe that is the most scary.

Anonymous said...

If they are not endangering public safety nor breaching the security of the nation or their state - then I really don't much care what they do in private. Yes, it is silly for a public official to think that he can believe "badly" and it is OK if he isn't caught; and if he is, well then, he will just say "I'm sorry and won't do it anymore" to both his family and his constituents. Of course it is going to be discovered, they are public figures.
However, I don't know that it has kept anyone of them, democrat or republican from performing the office to which he was elected, except now far too much time is spent in explaining or defending the transgression. Who cares? Not I.

Robert said...

I agree in principle that what goes on in private, and does not directly impact on one's public role should theoretically be of little moment.

However, it is the blatant inconsistency of the public positions versus the private actions that causes such trouble. Look at Spitzer. His problems were multiplied and magnified because he had taken such a hard line stance on prostitution. The Republican platform forms a backdrrop highlighting and magnifying the mistakes of those
like Sanford.

The reality is that "words will never hurt me" is not really applicable in this instance. Foot in mouth disease is a long standing issue with the Republicans who try to distance themselves from their self made disasters.