Friday, July 31, 2009

Burn before reading

Staring at the cover page of the front section of today's NY Times, I was confronted with the following headlines:

1. Bankers Reaped Lavish Bonuses During Bailouts (About 5,000 got over $1 Million)
2. Declare Victory and Depart Iraq, US Adviser Says
3. After Rescue, New Weaknesses Seen at AIG
4. Stars of Red Sox Title Years are Linked to Doping
5. Living in Tents, and by the Rules, Under a Bridge

I decided not to venture further, for fear of what lay ahead. No news is good news was the guiding principle this morning.


Bruce Egert said...

You forgot the one that said that within one week, one billion dollars of stimulus money was snapped up by new car buyers, stimulating the auto industry and leading to an enlarged program.

Robert said...

This was intended to be a look at the multitude of problems that are swirling about us these days.

It was not meant to be a literal piece of reporting on the full contents of the newspaper.

'Burn before reading'reflects my distress at waking up to yet another day of unfolding disasters.