Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dreams of youth

"59 is the new 30" is a piece about a fairy tale come to life for a brief moment. As in all fairy tales, we hoped for the perfect ending. If our collective wills had been able, Tom Watson's second shot on the 18th hole would have stopped on the edge of the green. Instead, we agonized as the hand of fate seemed to nudge the ball, and our dream, down a steep incline.

It was great fun to spend 4 days pushing against the inevitability of time. Gravity, and reality, finally brought Mr. Watson, and us, crashing back to earth. It is not often that the failure of Tiger Woods is relegated to an afterthought in the world he so dominates. Yet, for one fleeting instant, center stage belonged to all of us who had long ago seemingly moved out of the way to let those, younger and stronger, reign supreme.

We thank Tom Watson for his excellence, his grace, and for permitting us to walk along side him as we took a journey back to our youth.


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