Thursday, July 2, 2009

An e-mail by the governor to his lover

The news has been filled in recent days with excerpts of what appear to be steamy e-mails between a love struck Governor and his paramour from South America. However, what if (as this fake correspondence would suggest)the excerpts don't reveal the 'true' story:

Dear Maria:

Today was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. It was magical, almost out of body. It brought me back to my days of youth, and I revisited feelings that I thought had long ago disappeared forever.

Though I know it is less than proper, and very egocentric, to share the news of my personal nirvana with others, I felt compelled to tell all my friends as soon as I could. While I got a few comments, like "You are way too old to be able to score like that" or "Whatever you're taking, give me some", I am sure most thought my need to disseminate both puerile and pretentious. But, I know they longed for what I had tasted, and it was only their jealousy that kept them from sharing in the glory of the moment.

I feel so fortunate to have recaptured my dream. I know my wife wouldn't understand and never has understood my desires. I was gone from the house virtually the whole day and I am sure she barely noticed.She would dismiss my actions as she always has, finding the whole longing to be not worthy of serious consideration. It is just so sad that we are hard wired so differently.

I have to go now, to prepare myself for the possibility of tomorrow. I know I won't likely duplicate today's best golf score of my life, but I will certainly go to sleep revitalized and energized by my exploits on the course.

Love, Mark (the Governor) Sanford

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