Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Forever young

When did Michael Jackson become a deity? In the frenzy surrounding his death, many have been seemingly ready participants in revisionist history.

It has been a quarter of a century since we were overwhelmed by his talent, great as it was. Since then, his existence was much more about questionable behaviors, legal entanglements and financial troubles. The fantasy of Neverland faded, as the realities of life crashed down upon him.

He was readying himself for what he said would be his last tour ever. It was not even taking place in the United States, as his personal problems had made his homeland a foreign and forbidding place in many ways.

Now, it seems, for millions, that none of the past 25 years ever happened. Both here and abroad, so many were frantic to get one last chance to be near to him. It appeared that many of those who in months and years past might have been ambivalent, if not worse, in their feelings towards him, now heaped unrelenting praise.

We have to ask if we are witnessing a rebirth of Neverland. If so, then we are left with Michael as the little boy who never grew up into a middle age man struggling with demons. We are recreating him as Peter Pan. It may be, from here on in, he will always be young and perfect.


Anonymous said...

He is in the news again because of his death. Many of us are facinated by being near or part of a celebrity. I am continually surprised by how many of us are quick to point out a celebrity siting. I am not- but I am still excited to see Robert.

Anonymous said...

sighting, sorry