Thursday, July 2, 2009

Once more, and hopefully counting

If you get the NY Times today, and turn to the Letters to the Editor, you will see what I believe is entitled "A script for sinners". This is a truncated version of "Apology not accepted" which was yesterday's blog post.

It seems I have cracked the code of NY Times letter to the editor writing, as this is my fourth published letter in this newspaper since last October. As the Times advises that their stated goal is to NOT publish one person's letters more than once every 60 days, the frequency of my appearances is very gratifying.

If only I could crack the code on how to make money (oh well, I guess one can't have everything).

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, and would be interested in any comments you may have comparing my post and the NY Times edited version. While the paper does submit their edits for approval, I don't have the nerve to make any suggestions, lest they just say that I am more trouble than I am worth, and move on to someone else's letter.

I leave you now, until the next random thought enters my brain and exits onto the page for your reading pleasure.

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